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Counting the time of undergraduate and doctoral study, I’m working in prehistoric archaeology since more than 20 years. First, I focussed more on archaeological excavations and cultural heritage management as well as on museums and exhibitions work; after I finished my PhD I was mainly working in university and higher education, with emphasis on academic teaching, research, study program management and other aspects of academic administration. My research interests are chronologically located it the first millennium A.D., in Roman and Migration Period as well as in Merovingian and Carolingian times, territorially mainly in Middle and Northern Europe. I am interested in gender archaeology, in the archaeology of death and burial and in chronology as well as in the use of statistical methods and databases in archaeology. Currently I am focusing on questions of individual life-worlds and identity, their representation in material culture, and if and how these life-worlds did change during the historical and political turbulent times of Roman and Migration Period in different regions.

New Webpage:

In June 2020, I launched my new Webpage at

archaeologiskop: Blog and Twitter

I’m writing at Hypotheses a personal blog called archaeologiskop. Here I’m writing mainly about topics in archaeology and higher education. The blog is written in German; some of the entries are mirrored here as well.

With the name @archaeologiskop I’m also active on Twitter.

Press Review

Archaeology as a topic fascinates, and is of major interest. Sometimes, my research or me were covered by articles or media reports (mostly written in German). Below you can find links to some of them:

The journal Spiesser asked me in an interview questions on clothing and fashion in prehistory: Von Tätowierungen bis Tunikas

In the article “Die Suche nach der Dose” a journalist from Deutsche Welle went geocaching with a friend, my husband and me.

In 2010, during my stay as visiting researcher at the cultural history collections of Bergen museum, Norway, were my collegaue Asbjørn Engevik, a bucket-shaped pot dated to the Migration period and me part of a film about the university of Bergen. You can see us at 1:30 min for about 10 seconds.



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